Saturday, February 11, 2006

NACDL explores The Importance of Being Earnest

We are enjoying the final hours of the NACDL meeting in Charleston, S.C., where the very hospitable South Carolina lawyers treated this native Houston, Texas lawyer, transplanted to home in Santa Cruz, California to the most wonderful food, drink, music, and friendly folk. The local state bar printed "Got Rights? Thank a Criminal Defense Lawyer" bumper stickers, which I snagged to take home to my colleagues in Santa Cruz and San Jose.

The "aha" from some attendees was in response to the Criminal Defense Toolbox: Renovating the Way You Practice Law, and addressing very practical topics, from burnout to Visions for Your Practice and Getting the Practice You Want. Wonderful speakers, criminal defense lawyers, attorney panels. I came out of it all with lots of notes about how to make my practice work better for those defendants we represent in our office. There was a death penalty practice track too, focusing on winning throughg mitigation. Mitigation plays a role in many of my non-death cases: from DWI/DUI to drug offenses, murder and domestic violence.

To tell the truth, these meetings are essential to me, to meet with the experts that can assist in cases, to brainstorm difficult federal or state cases, and just relax with our colleagues.

Bye for now.


At 8:36 PM, Blogger That Lawyer Dude said...

Great meeting. You however are too modest. You gave two hours of really informative talks on law practice management. Wonderful job. I can't wait for Philly.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger mikeinsoquel said...

Hey, can y'all link to that FindLaw site? That is a very important law web site. Otherwise Mary this is a terrific law BLawg! Other than that FindLaw deal.

Mike V.

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